Comprehensive overview of creep deformation of thick-walled FGM pressure vessels



Today, the use of functional graded materials in various industries has received much attention. One of the fields of application of FGM materials in the construction of thick-walled tanks. Thick-walled tanks, due to their high pressure and temperature, need to be made of higher strength materials such as FGM materials and reinforced to increase load bearing, which is one of the best reinforcement methods using autofertilization process. It enters the plastic area from the tank under a certain load and causes residual stress after applying the process in the tank.On the other hand, the creep phenomenon eventually leads to creep rupture, which occurs either by a soft mechanism that occurs in the form of two large strains or by the brittleness of the material.The purpose of studying the creep rupture of reservoirs is to study their creep failure during their expected service life. In this article, while expressing the relevant concepts, a comprehensive review of research in this field is provided