Static, dynamic and free vibration analysis of functional graded porous plates based on first-order shear deformation theory


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Tehran North Branch, Tehran, Iran

2 کارشناس ارشد مکانیک دانشگاه ازاد واحد تهران شمال

3 گروه فنی مهندسی دانشگاه ایوانکی ، مربی


in this study, static, dynamic and natural frequency responses of the functionally graded saturated porous plate have been investigated. Two types of distributions including symmetric nonlinear distribution of porosity and asymmetric nonlinear distribution of porosity in the thickness direction of the plate have been considered. First-order shear deformation theory (FSDT) and Lagrange method are used to model the problem. Finite element and Newmark direct integration methods are used to solve the governing motion equations in time and space domains, and then the effect of different parameters such as porosity and Skempton coefficients, and two different types of porosity distribution, length to thickness ratio and boundary conditions on static and time responses, and natural frequencies of functionally graded saturated porous plate have been investigated. Results show that by increasing the Skempton coefficient will always reduce the displacement and amplitude of vibration . Also, increasing the porosity coefficient will increase the displacement