Experimental and Numerical Studying of Earing in Deep Drawing of a Square cup Made of Al-Br Bilayer Sheet


Department of Mechanical Engineering ،Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch ،Tehran،Iran


One of the most important methods of forming sheets is the deep stretching of metal sheets. Deep tension is widely used in deforming sheet metal into hollow sheet metal. In this study, the deep tensile strength of sheets made of brass and aluminum is first simulated and investigated using practical experiments.The general structure of the dissertation is as follows: First, the records and researches that have been done inside and outside the country in the field of deep drawing of two-layer sheets so far have been introduced and the obtained results have been reviewed. in the following, practical experiments and experimental study of deep tensile strength of double-walled sheets and effective parameters in this process are discussed. To confirm the simulation results, a number of experiments are performed which are divided into twoparts: preliminary and main experiments. Also, how to do the simulation by Abacus software is explained step by step.The results of research conducted by Abacus software and practical experiments show that the way the layers are arranged in the mold affects the shrinkage of the sheets. Also, it has been found that the amount of force is inversely related to the amount of folding. Finally, suggestions are provided to continue working on this issu