Evaluation of water-based Fe3O4 ferrofluid heat transfer in the presence of external electromagnetic field: A review


Mechanical engineering department , Isfahan university of technology


Fe3O4 ferrofluid is an effective mean for heat transfer purposes in the presence of an external electromagnetic field that controls cluster volume and nanoparticles thermal conductivity coefficient. This paper investigates how changing the heating fluid to a special kind of magnetic nanofluid can affect efficiency enhancement. Case studies about ferrofluid (Fe3O4) are summarized in the present work and similar results have been reviewed. Besides, ferrofluid qualification of being an appropriate locator for other conveyors is surveyed. As ferrofluids are controllable in the functional magnetic field, they provide visible effects on heat transfer properties. Strictly, the effect of porous media in different geometries and magnetic fields on ferrofluid heat transfer amount is investigated and different parameters likeNusselt and Magnetic number are evaluated. The previous studies show that ferrofluids can improve heat transfer. Hence thermal efficiency is highly dependent on magnetic field strength. Heating fluid is described as laminar Fe3O4 ferrofluid flow in constant Reynolds number and temperature information has high accuracy. Heat transfer efficiency of other magnetic fluid types like Al2O3 and CuO are briefly reviewed to convince that one of the most suitable nanofluids has been studied.