Simulation of the effect of displacement of tendon joints on knee joint forces and torques in people with cerebral palsy


Department of Medical Science and Technology, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Gait analysis is the study of the movement of body parts while walking using simple or advanced equipment to investigate the causes of movement problems in patients. Today, using special Motion Analysis laboratories and software such as Opensim and Tracker, it is easy to examine patient motion analysis and provide accurate engineering solutions to improve patients or increase capability. In this study, due to disorders caused by damage to the nervous system of a person with cerebral palsy and the output of the data obtained from the gait analysis of this person using motion analysis software and change the data obtained from Gait analysis and data simulation an attempt is made to simulate the best possible preoperative change to move the tendons and provide the surgeon with the information needed to optimize surgery. By considering a hypothetical marker between the two main markers ankle and toe displacement of this marker, the approximate position of the tendon connection in the foot area is obtained.