Improving Mechanical Properties, Especially Increasing Tubes’ Strength by Micro structuring Metals Using Severe Plastic Deformation Method

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Semnan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Semnan, Iran

2 Omran-Sanat Establishment, Tehran, Iran

3 AB-Fam Conditioning Engineering Co, Tehran, Iran

4 Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Iran Khodro University of Applied Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Increasing material’s strength is of particular importance. Improving material’s mechanical properties such as strength could reduce the size and weight of the structure. The size and weight of the structure are among the effective parameters in design. Since the past a variety of methods have been developed to increase the strength of metals that are capable of increasing metals’ strength to a certain level. But most of these methods while increasing strength are associated with relatively high material formability properties. This is one of the most important limitations of the methods. Plastic deformation method is among the new methods that in addition to increasing the material’s strength will strengthen other desired mechanical properties of the material by micro structuring the crystal lattice of a metal. The mechanical properties of the products of this process are so better than the original metal properties that they are known as super metals. Various methods have been developed to make the materials in tubes NANO structured. Products produced during these processes despite being thinner are less capable to withstand pressure and have higher corrosion and wear resistance compared to the tube manufactured by the conventional methods. Moreover they have the potential to be used at higher temperatures and have longer lifetime. These advantages have increased the importance of plastic deformation methods for the tubs. In this research while a brief discussion on the effect of severe plastic deformation on the material structure the conventional methods for manufacturing the tube are reviewed.


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