Study of Effective Parameters on Stress and Displacement of Axisymmetric Corrugated Diaphragms


1 Assistant Professor

2 MSc


In this paper, the axisymmetric corrugated diaphragm using finite element method will be discussed, so that half of these diaphragms’ cross sections and later the applied pressure will be considered. Following this, using the consequent equations and visual basic software, a computer program will be provided which receives the diaphragms’ particulars such as diameter, thickness, pressure and the form of object’s cross section as AutoCAD file and then it measures the maximal stress and displacement. Finally, the calculated values will be compared with the experimental values and Theoretical results using the above program and then it will become clear that the results of this research enjoy the acceptable precision. Then, the various parameters which have an influence on the displacement and stress are changed and the results of these changes will be investigated.