Finite Element Model Updating of a Frame with Direct and Sensitivity-Base Methods


1 Associate Professor

2 MSc


This paper presents an overview of model updating and particularly its application for updating of frame model. In this article a mathematical model of the frame was produced with finite element method. The frame was subjected to hammer modal testing. Then the results of the modal testing were compared with those predicted with the model. This comparison revealed discrepancies between these two sets of results. It is a commonly known fact that incorrect values of parameters in a model, among other things, do cause these discrepancies. In order to improve the correlation between the measured and the predicted results and hence improve the reliability of the model, the model was subjected to finite element model updating. In this updating process, incorrect values of parameters in a model are adjusted. Also it is important in updating that the FE model be simple and in the same time can give good results.The objective of this article is to use direct and sensitivity-base methods for frame and also compare these methods.