Dynamic Analysis of Hybrid Robot 3PRS-RRP


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2 Porfessor

3 Associate Professor


In this article a new and an accurate method for kinematic and dynamic analysis of a parallel robot 3PRS and a hybrid robot (parallel and serial) 3PRS-RRP are presented, which is based on the Denavit-Hartenberg transformation matrix algebra. First, basic properties of various kinds of robots are compared, and then the Denavit-Hartenberg parameters and their table are introduced. Next, the methods of forward and inverse kinematic are explained and system dynamic equations are obtained by Lagrange method. Finally for defined sizes and with imagination of a rotational movement for the center point of the moving plate of parallel robot and two input kinematic for serial robot, a few kinematic and dynamic results for parallel and serial robot by Newton and Lagrange methods are presented for singularity consideration. Generally, the forward kinematic solution of parallel robots and inverse kinematic solution of serial robots are difficult. For these hybrid robots, it would be better to use parallel robots, which have linear movement on the moving plate in the forward mode to increase the space and strength, or the two robots be time independent.