Exergy Analysis of Counter Flow Wet Cooling Tower in Khuzestan Steel Co


M.Sc., Islamic Azad University, Abadan Branch, Abadan, Iran


Since the energy analysis considers the quantity of energy, it cannot show the performance of the cooling tower. Therefore, in order to optimize the performance of the tower and also the process which the cooling tower is a part of it, it is necessary to analyze the energy and exergy of the tower simultaneously. In this paper, the energy and exergy of one of the cooling towers of Khuzestan Steel Co. is analyzed in order to improve the function of this unit and its effect on the related units. Moreover, the exergy of water and air which exchange heat with each other has also been studied. The mathematical model presented in this paper has been based on the principle of heat and mass transfer between water and air. The results of this study show that water makes more exergy than air because the system generates entropy. The results also show that the exergy of water decreases constantly from the upper part of the tower to its lower part, the exergy of air, however increases from bottom to top along the tower. When the temperature decreases water loses exergy but when the temperature is increased the air gains exergy.