Design and Experimental Analysis of Aircraft Air Distribution Systema


1 Ph. D. Student, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, MalekeAshtar University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran

2 M. Sc., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran

3 M. Sc., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kashan University, Kashan, Iran


In this paper, the methodology of aircraft air distribution system has been analyzed theoretically and experimentally. To achieve that, ducting pressure loss and air flow throw gaspers calculations has been done for cabin ducts in according to exact location of individual air distribution system in the cabin. The length of gasper air flow was compared with the distance between gasper outlet and passengers seats and the velocity of the gaspers has been measured with velocity gage on the mockup. Finally design results show good agreement between air flow throw gaspers and gasper to passenger distance that make comfortable air feeling conditions. Also the experimental analysis on the mockup validates results of outlet velocity of gaspers and perforations calculations. Therefore the validity and feasibility of design methodology of installation gasper system to a cabin air distribution system for least modifications, suitable location and efficient air flow throw gaspers is confirmed.